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Planning Ahead Requires the Right Partner

Are you considering a trust or thinking of establishing a private foundation? At Bank of Texas, we provide both trust administration and estate administration. Our professionals will work closely with you to reduce transaction expenses and minimize uncertainties for your beneficiaries.

Minimize Uncertainties

Arranging for the disposal of your estate gives you peace of mind. Taking control of your assets clarifies your intentions and alleviates the administration of a probate.

Reduce Taxes & Expenses

Making a plan for the future without you eases the burden on your beneficiaries. Proper estate planning can greatly mitigate or eliminate transaction costs, as well as reduce taxes overall.

Comprehensive Tools & Services

Bank of Texas is uniquely positioned to answer your queries and meet your needs. We offer full estate settlement services, along with executor, co-executor and probate services.

Personal Trust

This long-range financial planning tool protects your assets. Avoid probate and save on estate taxes. Help protect your assets during your lifetime and provide future financial security for your beneficiaries.

A Revocable Trust is also known as a “living” trust, this is an agreement that you create during your lifetime. You direct how your assets are to be administered during your lifetime and for the benefit of others after your death. You may change this agreement anytime. Often considered by people at a stage in their life when they want professional advice in managing assets in the event of their incapacity or extended illness.

This is an agreement that you create which may not be changed after its creation. You can use a trust like this for specific tax reasons and to provide benefits for others. It often becomes irrevocable upon the death of the creator of a revocable trust. At Bank of Texas, we will spend time getting to know your family’s needs and exercising discretion in a neutral fashion.

Receive tax benefits while meeting your philanthropic goals. We're experienced serving as trustee of various split interest charitable trusts with charitable beneficiaries. We also provide valuable investment advice as well as tax and regulatory compliance for private foundations.

Our advisors have extensive experience serving as trustee and conservator for special needs and settlement type trusts for minors, the elderly and persons with disabilities. We also oversee sophisticated discounted sales of partnership interests to grantor (defective) trusts, grantor retained annuity trusts (GRATs) and other tax driven trusts.

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