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About Us

Expect more

We’re so much more than a bank. We’re a financial services partner for consumers, businesses and wealth clients alike. While our origins are humble, we’ve grown alongside our clients for more than a century. We have unwavering confidence in our ability to build strong relationships, provide diverse expertise and services, and invest in the communities we serve.
Family being consulted on a home loan by building diversified relationships through BOK's expertise & services.

Expect a relationship, not transactions

We believe delivering peace of mind is an important part of your financial growth. This is why we build relationships around a holistic view of your financial world and provide sound advice you can rely on.
We make decisions to benefit your future goals, not our own agenda.
We offer you a personal relationship with a team of experts who get to know you and your needs, before providing you with the right solutions.
We don’t retreat when times are tough. We have experience navigating volatility across all financial markets, and the discipline and instinct to help you take action.
We balance convenient technology and human connection to make managing your finances easy and personal.

The Statement

We’re proactive thought leaders offering perspectives on a range of topics from how to avoid cash flow mistakes to establishing a long-term financial plan. Visit The Statement for news and insights.
The Statement is a BOK Financial family brand that brings news and insights worth investing.

Expect a breadth of expertise in one place

The diversity of our portfolio makes us an expert resource for all of your financial needs. It means we have the knowledge and flexibility to solve the financial challenges that others won’t ... or can’t.
  • Other financial services providers can’t compete with the combined strength of our size and assets under management.
  • Diversification isn't just something we preach; it's something we practice. From a mortgage company to comprehensive wealth management services, our purposeful diversification provides resilience and stability for us, so we can do the same for you.
  • Our expertise extends across many categories. We're unmatched in Energy and among industry leaders in Real Estate, Healthcare, Retirement Services and beyond.
  • We take a long-term approach which means we've been—and continue to be—steady and strong. Historically, our clients have done well, and continue to do well during recessions, because we do what's right day-by-day.

Expect us to be making a difference

We’re as strategic about how we give back to our communities as we are about managing our clients’ financial futures. Our goal is to be best-in-class and make an impact, not simply check a box. Find out more about how we give back.

Check Out Our ESG Review

More than 350 of our employees serve in leadership roles with more than 430 nonprofit organizations, a result of prioritizing service in our employees’ development plans.
We’re no stranger to rolling up our sleeves — last year, our employees invested more than 33,000 hours engaging in the community.
Over the past 25+ years, the BOKF Foundation has contributed more than $100 million in support of economic development, education, the United Way and basic services for the most vulnerable people in our communities.

Diversity isn't just a financial strategy; it's how we're growing our company.

We're focused on fostering an environment inclusive of the diverse values, opinions, experience, culture and needs of our employees, clients and communities. Whether developing specialized training for our talent acquisition teams or fostering organizational improvement through a Diversity & Inclusion Council led by our CEO, we're putting in the work to better reflect and serve our communities. Learn more about how we value diversity and inclusion.
A group of individuals who are fostering organizational improvement through Diversity & Inclusion.

Let's talk about exceeding your expectations