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2024 Midyear Outlook

Entering the second half of 2024, the U.S. economy remains resilient despite high interest rates. However, uncertainties persist, including the timing of the Fed’s first rate cut and the impact of the upcoming presidential election. BOK Financial’s investment management team has compiled valuable insights on these topics and more, which are available through a short video, online articles, and a downloadable report.

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A potential fly in the ointment of this year’s stock gains

With the S&P 500 closing at record highs more than 30 times this year, it may seem the sky’s the limit—or is it? BOK Financial Chief Investment Officer Brian Henderson explores what’s buoying financial markets and what could happen if things go sour in his outlook for the third quarter.

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How to prepare for lower rates

As most are anticipating the Fed to start cutting rates this year, diversification is key. In this article, BOK Financial Chief Investment Officer Brian Henderson explains what may be ahead for the economy and why a laddered approach to your investments could help you prepare for all scenarios.

Co-workers discuss how the economy has proven surprisingly resilient to the rate hikes.

What is an economic soft landing?

You’ve probably heard the phrase “soft landing” in the news, but what does it mean? BOK Financial Chief Investment Strategist Steve Wyett explains why a true soft landing is sometimes considered a Goldilocks scenario.

What is a yield curve, and why does it matter that it is inverted?

A yield curve is a way to measure bond investors' feelings about risk, and can have an impact on the investment returns. In this video, we break down the differences between a flat, inverted and normal yield curve, and how to approach a long-term investment strategy that works for all three.

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A closer look at economic trends

Will Middle East tensions affect energy markets explainer video image

Will Middle East tensions affect energy markets?

Q2 2024 Economic and Market Outlook video recap image

Economic and Market Outlook: Q2 2024

What is an economic soft landing explainer video image

What is an economic soft landing?

What is a yield curve explainer video image

What is a yield curve, and why does it matter that it is inverted?

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Soft landings, inflation and the road ahead

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Understanding corporate earnings season

Girl reviewing ways to utilize higher interest rates to her benefit.

The upside of higher interest rates

Debt Ceiling explainer video image

Have questions about the debt ceiling?

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"Supercore” inflation

Fed focused on curbing inflation

Is this a recession?

FOMC Institutes First Rate Hike Since 2018

Market Volatility? Keep Calm and Carry On.

Fed Reaction to Lingering Inflation

Market Reactions to Omicron Variant

Analysis of Federal Reserve’s Latest Moves

SEC Approves First Bitcoin Futures-Backed ETF

Insights on Supply Chain and Labor Woes

Potential Tax Implications of Infrastructure Plan

Employment and Price Stability

Steve Wyett screenshot BOK Financial Chief Investment Strategist

Wyett Addresses Growing Inflation Concerns

United States Federal Reserve logo on envelope.

Is Inflation Just Around the Corner?

Consumers Coming Back