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Institutional Investment Management

Sound Solutions, Superior Service

With a full suite of products and services, and a commitment to professionalism and unparalleled service, we create customized strategies for a wide range of institutional clients.

Pair of institutional clients partnering with BOK Financial on their organization’s financial needs and objectives.

Our Services

Partnering with BOK Financial allows you to focus on your organization’s mission, while we focus on managing your assets. Utilizing a sound fiduciary process and investment philosophy, we tailor our services and solutions to your organization’s financial needs and objectives.

  • Outsourced CIO can mean many different things. To us, it means engaging BOK Financial as an extension of your staff. We can help you more effectively manage and monitor your investment program, dynamically adapt to today’s markets, and seamlessly handle your administrative details. By delegating day-to-day decision making to an Outsourced CIO, you can focus on what really matters to your organization.

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  • We are focused on providing investment advice, guidance, and discretionary portfolio management. We assist with the creation of an Investment Policy Statement, development of an appropriate asset allocation, recommend specific managers and/or investment strategies, and monitor the performance of existing managers/strategies.

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  • Our affiliate, Cavanal Hill Investment Management, Inc. is a multi-billion-dollar investment adviser to institutions and high net worth individuals. Our investment team follows disciplined investment processes to manage cash, fixed income, and equity assets. Our investment approach looks beyond conventional Wall Street wisdom to discover profitable stock and bond opportunities and takes advantage of those that are within our clients’ risk tolerance levels.

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  • In today’s complex and often volatile market climate, traditional asset classes may not offer the upside performance potential and downside protection characteristics your investment goals demand. But, adding alternative investments to your overall strategy may deliver the performance results you seek. Alternative investments provide a way to fine-tune your portfolio to enhance overall returns, limit volatility and protect against specific market risks.

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Institutional Investment: What you need to know

In the latest Institutional Investment Management update, Steve Wyett, chief investment strategist, and Jerry Sais, director, institutional advisors, gave an overview of the current market conditions and what we may see in the months ahead. And most importantly, the effects it could have on managing investment accounts.

How Can We Help?

As an Investment Advisor, we serve in a Fiduciary Capacity, and utilize a fiduciary process that ensures our advice is free from bias and solely in our client’s best interest.
We bring together multidisciplinary teams with a range of experience serving institutions, government entities, non-profits and corporations. This holistic approach allows us to better understand the many facets of a given organization, including its unique challenges, priorities and objectives.
Each organization has its own unique needs and objectives with regard to their financial assets. Our processes are designed to develop individualized and tailored recommendations for those unique objectives.
An objectives driven investment process is designed around achieving specific objectives/needs of our clients versus matching specific investment benchmarks.

Clients We Serve

  • Corporations
  • Energy
  • Faith-Based Organizations
  • Foundations and Endowments
  • Governmental and Quasi-Governmental Organizations
  • Healthcare
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Insurance Companies
  • Native American
  • Non-Profits
  • Qualified and Non-Qualified Retirement Plans
  • Reinsurance Company Services
  • Universities

What Sets Us Apart

  • experienced
    • Advisors average nearly 20 years of experience.
    • Specialized expertise in all investment categories.
    • Focused on client's goals.
  • disciplined
    • Defined investment process.
    • Top-down economic analysis.
    • Strong quantitative and qualitative investment modeling.
  • unbiased
    • Investment managed in client's sole interest.
    • Objective manager selection process.
    • Internal asset management held to same standards as external.
  • client centered
    • Focused solely on client's needs.
    • Customized and tailored recommendations.
    • Emphasis on long-term relationships.

Expect us to make a difference

We are as strategic about how we give back to our communities as we are about managing our clients’ financial futures. Our goal is to be best-in-class and make an impact, not simply check a box, safely and sustainably.

More than 400 of our employees serve in leadership roles with more than 700 nonprofit organizations.
Our employees invested more than 52,000 hours volunteering in the community.
Last year, we contributed more than $9 million in support of economic development, education, the United Way and basic services for the most vulnerable people in our communities. Over the past 25+ years, we’ve contributed more than $100 through our company and the BOKF Foundation.