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Large economic questions linger as we start a new year. 

As 2023 begins, many of the questions that shook 2022 remain in limbo. How will the war in Ukraine affect energy prices in the West? When will the Federal Reserve likely stop hiking rates? How much will the U.S. economy slow and how will slower growth impact the job market? How will it affect equity and bond markets? 

To provide perspective on these topics and more, the BOK Financial investment management team has prepared the following outlook on key issues affecting the economy and financial markets heading into the new year.


Is the sun setting on globalization?

Here's what a less globalized economy would mean for consumers, businesses and more.

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Bond market

Bond forecast: Smoother sailing ahead

After a dismal 2022, fixed income investments positioned to reclaim traditional portfolio role in 2023.

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Monetary policy

Slower on purpose

Why would anyone want to slow down the economy, as the U.S. Federal Reserve has been trying to do by raising interest rates? This video explains how higher rates permeate through the economy and purposely slow it down to indirectly control price inflation.

5 things we'll be watching in 2023

No one has a crystal ball, but here are some of the most telling economic indicators.

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