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International Treasury Services

It's critical to have the right partner when your company operates in foreign countries, makes overseas investments or maintains import or export relationships.

If you have questions about international services, please fill out the online form or call at 844-334-2866.

International import and export facility partnering on overseas investments managed through BOK Financial international treasury services.

Treasury Services for Global Banking

We can guide your plan to execute and expedite international payables and receive foreign currency payments. Make overseas investments, or maintain import and export relationships through wire transfers, drafts, check clearing and international collections. Manage all of your international treasury services through Exchange and Exchange Mobile. And know that you're always supported by the hands-on customer service you'd expect from Bank of Texas.

  • Call our wire room to quickly and easily initiate a transaction, or conduct transfers via FX Advance®. Whether working in U.S. dollars or foreign currency denominations, we work closely with our global network of correspondent banks to ensure your payments are delivered efficiently, reliably and securely.

    FX Advance ®

  • Bank of Texas's draft issuance service fulfills your check payment request in 18 currencies. We print the drafts you've requested and return them to you quickly.

  • Checks denominated in foreign currencies or drawn on foreign banks require a cash letter solution for clearing. Our cost-effective solution clears checks in 19 foreign currencies to optimize your cash flow.

  • Seeking an alternative solution to receiving funds from a foreign currency denominated check? Send the item for collection. We'll send your check on collection through our international network. Once it clears the International Clearing System and the bank it’s drawn upon, we'll quickly provide you with the proceeds.

Welcome to Exchange

Exchange is a commercial online access platform that gives you access to a variety of cash management services that will help maximize your cash flow. Multiple features are available based on the size of your business and daily business needs, including historic and real time reporting. With 24-hour access via a secured website, Exchange gives you more control as a business, so you can act on new opportunities quickly.


  • Improves efficiency.
  • Gives you more control as a business.
  • Helps to protect you against fraud.
  • Stay up to date on business activity.

Exchange Mobile

Exchange Mobile allows you to access your bank accounts any time, any where using your mobile device. With a simple and easy to use display, you can safely and securely manage your accounts. You can download the application from the App Store or Google Play Store. It's available for iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ devices.


  • Improves productivity while saving time and money.
  • Access and manage your accounts on the go via a safe and secure application.
  • Help you manage cash flow.
  • Convenience of making deposits 24 hours a day, even on weekends and holidays.