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Estate Administration Services

Naming an estate executor is an important decision in the estate-planning process. Our expert advisors can help you through it all, from start to finish.

Executing Your Estate Plan

We specialize in executor and co-executor designation, probate representation and ideas to help limit your estate taxes. Our trust team professionals handle estate settlement and administration with sensitivity and respect. By appointing us as an experienced, neutral third party to manage your estate, services will include:

  • At Bank of Texas, we work with each of our clients one-on-one, in order to develop a strong financial relationship. That's how we determine the best services to suit each person's needs. Each person looking for assistance with executing an estate plan needs something different. Talk with us today, and together we'll develop a plan.
  • As executor, co-executor or in probate, we'll expertly perform any necessary estate administration tasks. From funeral arrangements to establishing a power of attorney, we work hard to ensure that your wishes are met.

  • Transferring securities and assets is more than wealth accumulation. It's about contributing to what (and whom) you value. Proper estate execution of your will and assets can help your legacy live on.

  • When inexperienced family members hire legal, accounting, investment and real estate management professionals, costs can quickly accelerate. Experienced trust services professionals well-versed in legal and tax knowledge are often less expensive by comparison. Talk with us today to learn more.

Let's Talk

We look forward to helping you protect and manage your wealth. Give us a call, or complete the form and we will contact you.

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Dallas: 214-346-3911
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Fiduciary Services
Dallas: 214-525-7696
North Dallas: 214-346-3973
Fort Worth: 817-302-4952
Houston: 713-357-2257

Financial Planning
Dallas: 972-892-9959
North Dallas: 972-378-7304
Fort Worth: 817-348-5792
Houston: 713-260-5637

Dallas: 972-892-9959
North Dallas: 972-378-7304
Fort Worth: 817-348-5774
Houston: 713-260-5637

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