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We pride ourselves on unmatched personal service from a team of local professionals. Come meet with one of our more than 135 trust, fiduciary and investment officers today.

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At Bank of Texas, we have a wide range of fiduciary services to help you with your financial goals — whether you're setting up a trust, a private foundation, arranging estate management or custody services. We can serve as the trustee, co-trustee or agent for the trustee.

Personal Trust Administration

Get the peace of mind that comes from working with our experienced team in trust services. Expect dependable administration of trusts, including distributions to beneficiaries, tax filings, bill paying and detailed financial records.

  • Local, personal relationship managers
  • Collection and valuation of assets
  • Payment of expenses and distributions in accordance with trust instruments
  • Management and/or custody of investments
  • Coordination of tax and estate planning with outside accountants or attorneys
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Estate Administration Services

Take confidence in detail-oriented, face-to-face communication to help you establish your legacy. Speak to our advisors in personal trust, probate, and estate settlement and administration.

  • Compliance with applicable state probate laws and Federal estate tax laws
  • Collecting, appraising, inventorying and managing of estate assets
  • Payment of debts and expenses
  • Tax return reporting and coordination of tax matters with outside accountants
  • Distribution of assets in accordance with testamentary instruments
  • Obtaining the latest will and reviewing its instructions
  • Court filings and legal notices
  • Coordination with other trustees, guardians and conservators
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Specialty Asset Management

As one of the largest and most well-established North American specialty asset managers, we benefit our clients by expertly handling the complex and time-consuming responsibilities of mineral and land management.

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Custody Services

Safekeeping your assets is only one of the important responsibilities of Bank of Texas custodial services. We also handle securities trade execution services, performance measurement, income collection and distribution, and transaction reporting and accounting.

  • The collection of dividends, interest and maturities
  • Daily investment of cash balances in taxable and tax-exempt money market accounts
  • Preparation of monthly or quarterly statements
  • Online access to your portfolio, with automatic updated pricing information
  • Settlement of securities transactions
  • Notifications of capital changes
  • Tax reporting
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Advisor Trust Services

Our trust solutions can help you focus on what's most important — your clients. As you work closely with them to create a solid financial foundation, we'll work with you to deliver what they need.

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