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We're one of the nation’s oldest and largest managers of mineral and real estate properties. Talk with us today, and start capitalizing on our in-depth experience.

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BOK Financial Corporation is one of the largest and most well-established North American specialty asset managers. We excel at the management of minerals, oil and gas and other energy resources, and real estate land investments.

We manage 12,000 accounts and 100,000 assets nationwide. And for mineral asset owners throughout the United States and Canada — including individuals, financial institutions, foundations, trusts, universities and others — BOK Financial Corporation (BOKF) offers comprehensive mineral management services through each of our affiliate banks.

We benefit our clients by handling the complex and time-consuming responsibilities associated with specialty asset management. Our experience includes institutional and trust management of oil, gas and real estate for various properties. And with agent and trustee experience centered in the Southwest since 1949, we also have the niche experience needed to navigate today’s competitive energy environment.

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