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Wealth management isn't one thing. It's everything.

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Customized Solutions for Managing Your Wealth.

There's no one-size-fits-all strategy for managing wealth. The Private Wealth team knows your long-term goals are more than abstract dollar amounts. They're dreams and ambitions for your family, your business and your legacy. That's why we offer extensive services and solutions to help you protect and manage your wealth.

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Private Banking:
Dallas Area: (214) 346-3911
Fort Worth Area: (817) 348-5705
Houston Area: (713) 357-2254

Fiduciary Services:
Dallas Area: (214) 706-0319
Fort Worth Area: (817) 348-5788
Houston Area: (713) 357-2257

Financial Planning:
Dallas Area: (214) 525-7615
Fort Worth Area: (817) 601-4885
Houston Area: (713) 260-5637

Dallas Area: (972) 892-9959
Fort Worth Area: (817) 348-5774
Houston Area: (713) 260-5637

Mineral Management:
Dallas Area: (214) 346-3977
Fort Worth or Houston Area: (817) 348-5736

Real Estate Services:
Dallas or Fort Worth Area: (817) 348-5780
Houston Area: (713) 357-2255

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