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The key to financing your property investments is knowing all the options. Land, ranch, home or commercial, our steadfast mortgage expertise will work hard for you.

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Finance Your Property, Your Way

At Bank of Texas Private Wealth, Private mortgage banking can help you reduce taxes, maximize financial flexibility and provide capital for other investments. We offer personalized customer service and advisor services to maximize your real estate portfolio. Loan programs include:

Flexible Custom Mortgages

A custom mortgage can be an essential tool for estate planning. It provides the flexible payment schedule that you need — to match the sale of your business, investment distributions, periodic bonuses and more.

Construction Loans

Finance a remodel or other property improvements with construction loans. Ask a private banker about how it can convert to a mortgage or liquidity for other investments.

A Great Customer Experience

At Bank of Texas Private Wealth, we're focused on meeting client needs. We've streamlined the mortgage process from application to closing, so that now you can benefit not only from competitive rates but also an improved experience.

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We look forward to helping you protect and manage your wealth. Give us a call, or complete the form and we will contact you. 

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