Foreign Exchange

Partner with our experienced Foreign Exchange Specialists and manage your foreign currency exposure today.

FX Services for International Business

Make investments abroad with confidence. Our Foreign Exchange Services team can help execute a foreign currency exposure plan and hedging strategy, so that you can conduct business outside the U.S. with ease. It's not just global information access and a relationship focus. Your company will benefit from personalized foreign exchange solutions and competitive pricing. At Bank of Texas, we will be your guide to understanding and managing your foreign exchange needs.

Spot Foreign Exchange Transactions

Our Foreign Exchange Services team maintains a network of correspondent bank relationships worldwide. Purchase currencies to be sent to foreign countries or convert foreign currency payments from other countries into U.S. dollars. We regularly monitor exchange rates and global market issues and process high volumes of foreign exchange transactions.

Forward Contracts

Protect profit margins by locking in foreign exchange rates for the conversion of currencies on a future date. Forward contracts are available in many currencies. Our Foreign Exchange Specialists can work with you to set up the appropriate forward contract to meet your business needs.

Financial Risk Management

We offer foreign exchange hedging, trading and exposure management solutions for your company’s treasury or risk management groups.

Options Strategies

Options allow a company to take advantage of a favorable exchange rate movement while protecting it against an unfavorable movement. Our Foreign Exchange Specialists can help tailor an option strategy that best suits your needs.

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Foreign Currency Wires

Sending a wire in a foreign currency can help accommodate foreign partners more efficiently, thus enabling you to compete more effectively in foreign markets by transacting in the local currencies.

FX Advance®

FX Advance is our online system that puts the power of an FX desk at your fingertips. Benefit from a secure web-based Foreign Exchange trading system for international business transactions and foreign exchange management. Monitor currency markets, obtain BOK Financial competitive pricing and efficiently execute transactions. Make informed decisions to benefit your company and confidently manage your global business anywhere, anytime.

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