Commercial Real Estate

Does your business need a new home? Thinking of buying instead of leasing? There are lots of benefits to owning your own commercial real estate. Learn more today.

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Purchase Real Estate for Your Business

It's easier than you might think. With a Bank of Texas commercial real estate loan, you can buy the office or building you've always wanted. In doing so, you'll take advantage of tax benefits and build equity in your business. With such a stable foundation, there will be plenty of room for your business to grow.

A Space of Your Own

If you've been renting space, now might be the time to branch out on your own and purchase commercial real estate. You'll be able to grow your business in a space that belongs to you.

Low Payments — And Tax Benefits

With low interest rates and long terms, your monthly loan payments might be comparable to what you're paying in rent. And, when you buy your space, you can take advantage of the tax benefits associated with ownership.*

Conduct Renovations or Upgrades

If you already own your business space, you can still take advantage of our commercial real estate loans. You can use the money to refinance your building, to possibly lower your rate and monthly payment. Or, you can use the money to conduct renovations and upgrades, so that your business is always at the forefront of your industry.

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