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Visa Debit Cards for Business

Looking for a better way to pay for business expenses?

With a Bank of Texas Visa® Debit Card, you can make purchases online and in person. Plus, you'll save on business products.

A Safer, Faster Way to Pay

All of our business checking accounts come with free Visa® Debit Cards. They have all the convenience and security of a credit card. But, the card pulls money directly from your business's checking account, so there's never any interest to pay. Plus, simply by owning the card, you'll get special offers and deals from Visa®.
  • Using your debit card instead of writing a check is faster and more convenient, and it keeps your personal information, like your address, confidential.

    • Zero Liability* means your Business purchases are protected from unauthorized charges when promptly reported.
    • Because your Visa® Debit Card comes with built-in chip technology, you get an extra layer of security against fraud.
    • Sign up for Online or Mobile Alerts to get notified of activity on your bank accounts.
    • View detailed transactions on your account statement, and via online or mobile banking.
  • Having a separate business card keeps your personal and business expense separate for better tracking. You can see all your transaction details in Online Banking or on your monthly statement. And, you can upload those transactions directly onto Quicken®, QuickBooks®, Money® or a spreadsheet to keep everything neat and organized.
  • There's no annual fee for our cards, and since funds are deducted straight from your account, there's no interest to pay. Plus, Visa offers lots of special perks to debit card holders. You'll get discounts at all sorts of places, from hotels to business supply stores***.

    Special Offers

Using Your Chip Card

You can swipe your card at traditional terminals, but if a chip-activated terminal is available, follow these simple steps:
  • 1. Insert the chip end of your card into the terminal with the chip facing up.
  • 2. Keep your card in the terminal and follow the prompts.
  • 3. Remove your card when prompted and take your receipt.

Simple, secure and easy to use

Stay on the cutting edge of technology by linking your new Bank of Oklahoma Visa® Debit Card with Apple Pay®. Apple Pay is simple to use and works seamlessly with your account. In stores, you can use your Apple mobile device to pay quickly and safely.

With your Visa® Debit Card, you have many safety features not included on checks or cash.

  • Visa's Zero Liability* program protects you from unauthorized charges that are promptly reported to the bank. Any funds taken from your account due to fraudulent use will be returned to you.
  • Your Visa® Debit Card is safer than writing a check because personal information like your address, phone number and driver's license number stay confidential.
  • And of course, carrying your card is safer than carrying cash. If it's stolen, just call us immediately and we can deactivate the card right away to further protect your money.
  • Within the first ninety (90) days of purchase,, Purchase Security will replace, repair, or reimburse you for eligible items of personal property purchased entirely with your eligible Visa® Business Debit Card up to a maximum of $10,000 per claim and $50,000 per cardholder in the event of theft or damage.

You're eligible for lots of great perks with your business's Visa® Debit Card, including**:

  • Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver
  • Travel & Emergency Assistance Services
  • Extended Protection doubles the time period of the original manufacturer’s written U.S. warranty up to one (1) full year on warranties of three (3) years or less up to a maximum of $10,000 per claim

Visit Visa's® website to learn more about other special offers for card holders and start using your perks today***!

Who Can I Speak With?

Our Business Banker are ready and waiting to discuss your business needs. You can call them at 800-346-5312, visit one of our Banking Centers or request more information.