Account Services for Business Banking

Looking for a quick and convenient way to manage your cash flow? At Bank of Texas, we make it simple. Take a look at our account services, and then sign up today.


You work hard to run your business, so you want a bank that makes managing your money easy. With Bank of Texas account services, you can take advantage of online banking, merchant services, overdraft protection, and lots of other helpful programs.

Online AND Mobile Banking for Business

Take control of your business's finances. Let us help you streamline your processes with BusinessSource, our powerful online banking platform for businesses. Of course, if you don't need all of the robust features that come with BusinessSource, we still have you covered. Our bank moves at the speed your business, allowing you to manage your account from anywhere with Business Online Banking. You can handle all your banking needs — including paying your bills and checking your statements — from your computer or mobile device.

Explore Both Options

Payments and Transfers

Paying your vendors and bills with Bank of Texas is easy. Our payment and transfer services help you to safely and securely manage your money more efficiently from your office.

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Small Business Office Deposit

Save yourself a trip to the bank. Qualified clients can use Small Business Office Deposit to deposit checks without leaving their office. It’s a fast, safe and convenient way to deposit checks.

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Ordering Checks

Out of checks? Moving your business? No problem. Just visit our ordering page, where you can customize your checks with different designs and formats, and order as many as you need.

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Visa® Debit Cards

All of our checking accounts come with a free Visa® Debit Card that you can use in store or online. It's fast, convenient and secure.

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Overdraft Protection

Bounced checks. Declined debit cards. They're bad for business. Our Overdraft Protection program provides convenient automatic transfers from your linked savings account to cover transactions if your checking account balance drops too low.

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Merchant Services

Want to make it easier to sell your services or products? Accepting credit cards makes it fast and easy for your customers. Learn more about Merchant Services today.

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Enjoy the convenience of our ExpressBank automated phone service, where we can answer most of your questions with a "no wait" automated system any time of the day.

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Who Can I Speak With?

Our Business Bankers are ready and waiting to discuss your business needs. You can call them at 800-346-5312, visit one of our Banking Centers or request more information.